Courses at NC State

ENT 203 An Introduction to the Honey Bee and Beekeeping [syllabus] [moodle] [promotional video]

Introduction to honey bee biology and a fundamental understanding of beekeeping management including crop pollination by bees. Examination of the relationships between honey bees and humans from prehistoric through modern times and the behavior andsocial system of one of the animal world's most complex and highly organized non-human societies.

Pre-requisite: None; geared towards non-science majors in fulfillment of science general education requirement

Course Offerings: Every Fall semester. Enrollment: 180 students.



ENT 401 Honey Bee Biology and Management [webpage]

A new online distance education course in honey bee management. Students will learn the fundamentals of honey bee life history, development, and behavior in an effort to understand how colonies function. Based on this knowledge, students will learn practical aspects of beekeeping such as disease treatments, pollination, and honey production. There will be three mandatory laboratory sessions that will train students in how to become active beekeepers.

Pre-requisite: None, but ENT 201, ENT 203, or ENT 425 recommended

Course Offerings: Spring semester, odd years. Enrollment: 50 students.

NEXT OFFERING: [Currently discontinued]


ENT 601/801E Social Behavior of Insects [webpage]

Graduate-level discussion of eusocial insects and other social groups.

Course Offerings: Spring semester, every third year

NEXT OFFERING: Spring 2019